Masking for “Defender of the Future”


Saratov State University today opened a laboratory, which will develop protective and camouflage materials based on ultrathin fibers within the framework of the defense project of the “Defender of the Future”.

“The labs have three main areas of activity – creation of advanced materials for masking, protection and livelihood,” the president of SSU Leonid Kossovich said, quoted by Tass.

In particular, experts of the university will work to build defenses against aerosols using nanofilters. A camouflage material, which is developed in the laboratory, can reflect up to 95 percent of infrared radiation, Kossovich said. Other examples of equipment are designed to handle extreme conditions below minus 50 and above plus 50 Celsius, while heavy rain and sand storms.

Russian Ministry of Defense to deploy Motorized Infantry Brigade near Smolensk in 2015

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The Russian Defense Ministry will deploy a separate motorized rifle brigade of the Western Military District in the city of Yelnya in Smolensk region in 2015, told reporters on Sunday governor of the region Alexei Ostrovsky.

“All region dwellers appealed to the Ministry of Defense of Russia with a request to return military units of the armed forces to the Smolensk region. We are grateful to the Minister of Defense for the decision to deploy a separate motorized rifle brigade of the Western Military District in 2015 in Elnya. This is a joint decision of senior management of the country, the Defense Ministry and Smolensk region, “- said Ostrovsky.

Central Military District Missile brigade rearmed for latest operational and tactical missile complexes “Iskander-M”

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The “Iskander-M” Tactical Ballistic Missile System was handed over to the CMD missile brigade, stationed in the Orenburg region, under the leadership of CMD Commander Colonel General Vladimir Zarudnitsky at Kapustin Yar range in the Astrakhan region.

According to the press service of the Central Military District, the ceremony took place on the eve of the Day of missile troops and artillery. After giving vehicles to the crews the site hosted live firings and then the brigade marched to the point of permanent deployment.

The infrastructure to receive new missile systems was specially created for receiving new complexes. The brigade consists exclusively of military personnel serving under the contract, retrained for using new missile systems.

Modern Complex “Viola” Entered Service of Southern Military District Topographic Service


Topographic Service of the 58th Army of the Southern Military District was armed with modern hardware and software system of geoinformation modeling “Viola”.

As it was noted in the press service of the Southern Military District, the introduction of this equipment will significantly improve the quality of information about the area in real time for units and formations of the district.

The complex is based on the latest digital technology, which allows you to create and update electronic topographic map, develop a three-dimensional models of the theaters of combat operations with the use of satellite navigation systems in real time. This, in its turn, makes the highest demands on the professionalism of the military topographers.

Caspian Flotilla Began Testing New Modular Rescue Catamaran


In Astrakhan, the Caspian Flotilla sailors together with the commissioning team of factory began the sea trials of a new multifunctional rescue boat of the project 23370, the press service of the Southern Military District reports.

This boat is a modular vessel of catamaran type that allows you to place a large number of vehicles and equipment on the deck area. All equipment is located in special function modules in the container design. The containers are interchangeable.

Depending on the installed equipment, the boat can be used for various purposes, including as diving, search and rescue, fire, environmental and situational.

Rescue boat has a full displacement about 100 tons and is capable of speeds up to 10 knots.

Arctic patrol to be creates in Yamal and local police officers to use deer

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By 2016, a motorized infantry brigade will appear in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District in the Arctic, said governor Dmitry Kobylkin turning his annual report to the deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the District.

“The task of the infantry is coastal patrol, defense of facilities and areas along the coasts of the northern seas and the Arctic Ocean, maintenance and support of ships during their passage through the Northern Sea Route, – said Kobylkin. – At the same time, we are strengthening the security of the district.”

According to spokesperson of the Interior Forces press-service Colonel Vasily Panchenkov, now the possibility of using deer in the police departments’ work is also worked out. It is planned to send Nordic animals for service in remote areas where it is impossible to get to the scene of the crime in the usual transport.

Russian Defense Ministry: 70% of missile troops and artillery consist of contractors

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Missile troops and artillery are 70% completed with contract servicemen, told chief of the Missile Forces, Major General Michail Matveevsky.

This July, the Missile Forces and artillery joined the Russian Defense Ministry in a large-scale campaign to recruit contractors by means of mobile recruiting units “in one place at one time”.

On May 17 the MoD started a large-scale campaign for the selection of contractors, during which candidates will go through all the steps of recruiting quickly and in one place. The action started in the locations of military units and formations of the Airborne Forces – the central squares of Ivanovo, Novorossiysk, Pskov and Tula.

Buryatia Military Tested Underwear for Protection Against Radiation and Chemical Substances


“As part of the training, the soldiers worked a new technique of application of radiation and chemical reconnaissance vehicles RHM-6, and for the first time used the received new protective suits “Nerhta” and gas masks PMK-3,” the head of the Western Military District press –service Colonel Alexander Gordeev told Interfax-AVN on Wednesday.

He noted that the protective suit “Nerhta” “is made of non-combustible materials and partially protects against the effects of radiation and chemicals.” “The set includes the underwear with similar properties,” the officer said. Gas mask PMK-3 is designed for protection of respiratory organs, face and eyes of personnel from exposure of toxic, radioactive, highly toxic substances, bacterial agents, radioactive dust.

PMK-3 can be used in all climatic zones of Russia in the summer, autumn, winter and spring, in day and night conditions, at temperatures from minus 40 to plus 40 degrees Celsius. Gas mask PMK-3 also provides the ability to receive water in contaminated atmosphere, A.Gordeev said.

Ministry of Defence Opened Direct Line for Recruits


The Russian Defense Ministry has started a direct telephone line for questions on the drafting into military service. This was reported on Tuesday by the management of the press and the information service of the Defense Ministry.

“On November 18, the Russian Defense Ministry traditionally launched work of direct telephone line for questions on the drafting into military service. The officers of the Main Organization and Mobilization Directorate of the General Staff will provide full information to recruits and their families on all issues of military service. The responsibility of officers includes a rapid response and decision-making in cases of problematic issues in recruitment offices or during the military medical examination,” the representative of the military said.

According to him, similar direct lines exist in all the staffs of military districts and recruitment offices in Russian regions.

Altai Aerospace Defense Forces to receive first space observation complexes

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A network of complexes detecting space objects will be deployed in Russia within the next four years, the first of which will appear in the Altai and Primorye, spokesman for Aerospace Defense Forces, Colonel Alexei Zolotukhin said.

Previously it was reported that before 2018 it is planned to deploy more than 10 new generation complexes of space control in a number of Russian regions.

He explained that their commissioning will significantly enhance the capabilities of Aerospace Defense troops in controlling the outer space, will help to extend the range of controlled orbits and decrease the minimum detectable size of space objects in 2-3 times.