Russian Defense Ministry Ordered Additional Batch of Su-30SM


The Russian Defense Ministry has ordered an additional batch of double Su-30SM in the amount of seven vehicles costing 13 billion rubles (331 million dollars USA), thus increasing the total number of this type of aircraft to 72 (60 in the Air Force and 12 in naval aviation), AIN reported on 19 September.

The first contract in the amount of 30 aircraft was signed in 2012. Some of these fighters were stationed in the disputed territory of Crimea.

The latest contract with an option for 10 aircrafts was timed to the 80th anniversary of the Irkutsk aircraft factory. Today the company has transferred 29 Su-30SM, this year the factory will produce 15 aircrafts of this model, the general director of the plant Alexander Veprev reported.

“Kalashnikov” concern in search of new markets

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“Kalashnikov” concern will change its export strategy in connection with the introduction of Western sanctions against it.

“Sanctions certainly impacted on the strategy of the entire Kalashnikov group. We will have take some measures to correct it”, – said the press service. Leading design engineer of the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant, which includes Kalashnikov concern Vladimir Yarygin told reporters that the  Western sanctions have not affected the work of the enterprise. However, the company will search for new customers.

Tu-95MS Fired Cruise Missiles at Targets on Kamchatka


“Crews of strategic missile carriers rising from the air base “Ukrainka”, made a four-hour flight over unfamiliar terrain and fired the cruise missiles in the northern part of the Sea of Okhotsk on the designated targets at the range “Kura”. All targets were successfully hit,” the representative of the military said. Therewith, Tu-95MS launched cruise missiles, which imitated the means of air attack of conventional enemy.

“In order to intercept missiles from the airfield “Elizovo” it were alerted fighter-interceptors MiG-31, which found, seized and accompanied the cruise missiles, and then destroyed them with missiles “air-air,” said the officer.

After performing these tasks, a group of officers of the General Staff of the Armed Forces conducted a thorough analysis of the material of objective control, confirming the successful execution of combat training missions, as well as the actions of the crews, aircrafts and teams from ground-based radar stations, which performed aiming aircrafts at the target.

New communication equipment entered Central Military District units deployed in Siberia

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In 2014 the military units of the Central Military District combined troops deployed in Siberia received new communication equipment.

The Central Military District press service reported that the units received more than 10 units of mobile satellite communications stations based on the KAMAZ-5350, which operate in a digital format.

This special equipment allows to create communication via closed Internet channels, conduct video conferences in real time with restricted access and carry out topographic binding through GLONASS and GPS satellite navigation systems.

Russia should produce almost all military products on its own

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The program of import substitution involves the Russian production of nearly 100% of its own military equipment, said Wednesday president’s aide Vladimir Kojin.

Due to the situation in Ukraine, which was one of the main partners of Russia’s defense industry, and sanctions against the Russian Federation imposed by the West, the country adopted a “very powerful” import substitution program.

“We have a very powerful import substitution program, and after some time we will bring, we cannot say to the level of 100%, the production of all military products to the enterprises in our country, but in practice the level very close to this,” – he told reporters at the exhibition Africa Aerospace and Defence-2014.

Development of Aerospace Defense


We continue to implement the state program of armaments, in which up to 2020 it is expected to supply the troops of plenty of new weapons and equipment. September 13, new information appeared on rearmament of troops of Aerospace Defense. The plans of the Aerospace Defense command were unveiled by the head of Missile Defense Command, Major-General Andrei Demin.

In accordance with the existing state program it is expected to purchase more than 300 new radars, which will be complemented and then partially replaced by the existing system of similar purpose. In the future, new technology of this class will completely replace the currently available systems. By 2020, the proportion of new radar stations in the Aerospace Defense should reach 80%, and all of the existing system will be fully automated. Since 2015, radar stations, carrying duty in the Moscow area of responsibility will be updated by 50%.

“Pantzir”, “Buk” and the Su-34: offer to strengthen troops in Crimea

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To guarantee full-fledged and self-sufficient military forces in the Crimea there will be necessary a comprehensive militarization: combat air force and navy, as well as placement of air defense systems “Pantzir”, “Tor” and “Buk”, experts say.

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced that Russia is to increase military presence of “full-fledged and self-sufficient” forces near its borders due to the aggravation of the situation in Ukraine.

According to member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Igor Korotchenko, the approach to the security in Crimea should change drastically.

“With the inclusion of the Crimea to Russia it became obvious that the peninsula needs completely new safety standards imposed by the complex military-political situation,” – said Korotchenko.

Station “Zlatoust” Became Invisible from Air


More than 400 soldiers and about 100 vehicles are involved in the exercise of camouflaging the train station in the Chelyabinsk region in order to prevent air strike.

This was reported by the press service of the Central Military District.

“Soldiers of the Yekaterinburg brigade of radiation, chemical and biological protection during special tactical exercises with the help of an aerosol screen covered from air attack of simulated enemy the railway station “Zlatoust”, was said in a statement received by Interfax-AVN.

It is noted that masking was operated for three hours during which the units effectuated the unloading and preparing to march of MRLS “Uragan” units.

Southern Military District of Russia: Pilots Worked Elements of Aerobatics on Su-24M


Pilots from the airbase of Southern Military District, stationed in the Volgograd region, during the flight and tactical exercises performed complex elements of maneuvers on the modernized Sukhoi Su-24M.

Elements of aerobatics were performed on pairs at low and extremely low altitudes up to 50 m above the ground at speeds of over 1,200 km/h.

During special sessions pilots improved piloting skills needed in emergency situations in the air, in the event of failure of aircraft, with a concealed movement, to evade attack aircraft in a simulated enemy jamming.

The crews worked actions during the emergency landing in the event of engine failure, landing on the limited space in the partial destruction of the runway as a result of air strikes of the enemy, under conditions of restricted visibility when setting spray and smoke screens.

Russia to hold air exercises in the Arctic

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Fighters, bombers, transport and army aviation of the Western Military District will be involved in tactical flight exercises in the Arctic region, said head of the press service of the district Oleg Kochetkov.

“As part of the teachings flight crews will work out joint actions for the protection of air borders, intercepting aerial targets, air strikes at ground targets, as well as escaping the air and air defense systems attacks. All tasks will be performed both in the dark and during daylight hours, as well as in different weather conditions, “- he said.

According to Kochetkov, exercise will involve 25 crews. The MiG-31BM and Su-24M crews during exercises will patrol the region along the Northern Sea Route. Pilots of the Su-24MR reconnaissance aircraft will work out exploration, target detection and target designation.