Recruits Health to be Estimated According to New Rules


This fall the medical examination of recruits health can be conducted in accordance with the new rules. By this time a new Regulation on military medical examination will enter into force, according to the Defence Ministry.

 2In fact, the document is considered to be highly specialized. The document describes in detail who and how checks the health of future military conscript, contractors and officers. And in the appendix to the document there is a list of diseases, the presence of which can release the guys from military service, or sort them out to “B” category, i.e. fit for the military service only in wartime. Also the Regulation contains diseases which doctors should treat. And only then they can send the young people to the barracks.

Such documents should be updated at least once every ten years. According to the Chief of the Main Army Medical Department of the Ministry of Defence Alexander Fisun, the document is now under consideration of the government.

 Alexander Fisun described the new rules for the medical examination of recruits as “too hard”. Does this mean that the list of incompatible with military service, serious illness is expanding? The current list of diseases includes more than hundreds of diagnoses which close the doors of barracks for young people. Fisun has not yet given the full information on the new list of diseases. First of all, he made it clear that the requirements to hearing and visual impairment which can be corrected, would be softened. The general explained it by changes in the nature of military service. He said that many military experts, for example, programmers  “work not like 10 years ago.” “But all that which relates to mental and neurotic disorders, diseases of the cardiovascular system, the requirements are still tough and perhaps they will become even tougher,” – Fisun said.

5As for the list of diseases, it is unlikely to change drastically. Those recruits who suffer from heart diseases, mental neurotic and personality disorders will be released from the military service. Also tubercular patients, diabetics, recruits suffering from diseases of blood and nervous system, even in case of insignificant dysfunctions, are not allowed to serve in the army.

4The list of diseases which exempt from military service, will also include flat foot of 2 degree, burdened by osteoarthritis of 2 degree. Though soldiers practically do not wear tarpaulin boots, they still have to make many kilometers marches and run every day.

According to Alexander Fisun, the adjustments to the Regulations on the military medical examination are intended primarily to protect young recruits from sudden deaths, suicides, and other emergency situations.


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