Rescuits to be Able to Serve in the Army with Their Friends

1Russian Defence Ministry continues its work on increasing the attractiveness of military service in the Russian army.

The Defence Ministry is carrying out an experiment – fellow students at colleges and universities will be able to serve in the army together. The military men chose 250 college graduates in Moscow – a car mechanic who had been assigned to serve in the four military units located in the Moscow region. At the same time the boys will serve together.

1According to the military commissar of Moscow Vladimir Regnatsky, this principle should facilitate the process of adaptation of the recruits in the army. “If they serve properly and do not violate the discipline then in the future other guys, including college graduates, will be called out for service using this principle. But it is important for them to be physically qualified and to want to serve in the same military forces, “- said Regnatsky.

According to him, now they can send recruits from one university or college to serve in one and the1 same military unit. But the guys should tell about their desire to serve together to the army conscription commission – it is them, according to Regnatsky, who execute the distribution of recruits. In addition, it is necessary that everyone is physically qualified to serve in the same military forces.

The Defence Ministry explained that the experiment is carried out with the support of the regional education authorities: military enlistment offices work with the management of secondary and higher education institutions that decide to send its graduates to serve in the same military unit. “In this process a lot of factors depend on the specialty of graduates and their place of permanent residence, because even classmates may belong to different military enlistment offices, “- said the representative of the Defence Ministry.

1Moreover the Ministry pays special attention to the recruits health. Their health is to be estimated according to new rules. And this year the Ministry of Defence plans to spend over 210 million rubles on the purchase of medicines, immunological, disinfectant agents and consumable medical supplies.

The Army has always paid special attention to the prevention of colds – the representative of the Ministry said.

??????????????????????“Of course, in the hospital the soldiers are treated no worse than in civilian hospitals, and often even better. Often, however, only paramedic can provide soldiers medical assistance at a military unit. Moreover, many soldiers do not seek help from physicians, and held off until… Therefore, it is important that the soldiers have a strong immune system, and that they have drugs that can block the development of viral diseases,” – the Defence Ministry representative said.

1The Chief Physician of the Moscow consultative and diagnostic center for immunological prophylaxis Ivan Leshkevich also welcomes this initiative of the Ministry. ”It is right to buy such drugs: they can be used both as a treatment and as a preventive means. The Defence Ministry has competent physicians, and they know what they are doing,” he said.


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