General Staff Reported On Army Rearmament

1Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu checked how his generals are carrying out the Armed Forces development plan for the next seven years. A large-scale program involving more than a dozen sections – from the phase- beginning from the soldiers and officers outfit 2change and ending with rearmament with modern military equipment – is approved and planned until 2020. There are also the tasks, which the army is obliged to achieve by the end of this December. It was the point the Defence Minister was interested most of all.

1Based on the report of the General Staff Head Valery Gerasimov, one should not worry much about the implementation of the plan. For each divisional brigade, division and a separate military unit there is a plan of a new armory acquisition, contract soldiers’ acceptance, settlement of the officers families, upgrading of infrastructure, and etc. for the current and the next year it is detailed monthly. In addition, these plans are synchronized by the generals by terms of performance and providing finance.

“Now, every commander knows when and in what quantity weapons and military equipment is received, how to prepare the infrastructure for its placement, where and how to train specialists to operate it, when the service housing fond will be created and improvement of military towns will be completed. On this basis, he can plan his future work,” the General Staff Head said.

980222-F-4406B-510The plan for this year also provides structural changes. The General Staff Head, in particular, mentioned that the formation of an army corps is now completed in Sakhalin. The cavalry squadrons are being completed at amphibious divisions. But perhaps the most important changes will take place in the Air Forces. The Defence Ministry said that the establishment of major air bases in the military districts was not effective. It was therefore decided to return to the system of air divisions and regiments.

In summer, the situation with the recruitment of contractors in the army was quite alarming. Gerasimov made ​​it clear that the shortage of soldiers remained in the past. Moreover, the plan of the army professionalization was even exceeded in September.

1Gerasimov reminded his colleagues that this year it was decided to equip 16 military camps to organize the construction and repair of more than 200 barracks, military vehicles parks, canteens, educational buildings, sports facilities and service buildings. This process is not behind schedule at the moment.

Airfields, positioning areas for the Strategic Missile Forces, naval bases, and other infrastructure – in total about 100 sites are built to receive and operation the new weapons and equipment across Russia.

Modern barracks are worth mentioning. Sergey Shoigu ordered the creation of decent living conditions there which will remind the boys their home.


How and Why Russia Creates Arctic Force Grouping

7Russia has taken another major step towards the resumption of its military presence in the Arctic and the establishment of the Arctic force grouping. Reconstruction of “Temp” airfield and preparation for the creation of other military facilities are started at Kotelny island of Anjou archipelago.

How they are doing it

5On September, 3 a unit of warships and support vessels of the Northern Fleet left Severomorsk for the second large-scale campaign in the Arctic. Just as in the previous campaign the unit was led by the flagship of the Northern Fleet “Petr Veliky” nuclear cruiser.

3This year, the Arctic campaign involves all Russian nuclear-powered surface fleet – the heavy nuclear-powered missile cruiser ” Petr Veliky” and the four nuclear -powered icebreaker “Yamal”, “Vaygach”, “50 Let Pobedy” and ” Taimyr”.

In a short time the airfield should be prepared for the reception of An- 72, An -74 and An- 26 transport aircraft. The work will be conducted at a high rate. The first aircraft will be able to come here in October.

1In the future the runway will be extended and lengthened, and “Temp” will be able to receive such heavy aircraft as AN-22 and IL -76, and eventually to use it for strategic air operations. First Deputy Defence Minister Arkady Bakhin said that “air service will be a regular, year-round and all-weather. We must restore completely the polar aviation and its infrastructure. And we will do it”.

Navy Commander Viktor Chirkov said that the task of the unit is to assess navigational and hydrographic conditions, hydro-meteorological monitoring, inspection of geodetic points, and study of the possibilities of navigation of non-icebreakers. In other words, the full range of preparatory work is done. The sailors are working on Rudolf Island (the northernmost island of the Franz Josef Land).

Why all this is done

Now a few words about why all this is done. The need for a permanent military presence in the Arctic is caused by two reasons.

2The first reason is strategic security. On the north Russia is rather poorly protected against various means of attack, both air and sea-based. This situation must be corrected. Especially given the increased presence of foreign military force in the Arctic.

Secondly, the need for the Russian military presence is necessary for the pursuit of national interests in this crucial area. The Northern Sea Route is increasingly beginning to be exploited, making it one of the world’s most important transportation corridors. For Russian the Northern Sea Route will become more and more important because it will actively develop the Arctic continental shelf and mineral deposits. Today, their production is greatly complicated by the difficulty of field development and the difficulty of extracted natural resources transportation.

Escapists Ruin Their Own Career

1The Defence Ministry is preparing amendments to the Regulations on conscription. They will determine the terms and conditions under which military enlistment offices will “fix” people who did not serve in the army without a good reason.

1Now it is difficult to recognize the so-called escapists among conscientious recruits . Both will get a military service card at military enlistment office. However, whose who did not serve in the army come when they are already 27 years old, when they cannot be recruited for a year of military service anymore. Theoretically, a man who dodges the draft should go to prison. But in practice, the case is usually limited to an administrative fine of several hundreds of rubles. And the military enlistment office must give him a military service card.

And this document does not say where this citizen performed his constitutional duty. And the employer is not likely to pay attention to what is written in the document. In short, until recently an escapist has not any serious difficulties.

Moreover these guys along with those who served in the army could make a career not only in business but also in the civil service.

1However the situation has changed this summer when the president signed a law aimed at increasing the attractiveness of military service. This document forbids to accept citizens who did not do military service without a good reason for the civil service. In addition, a corresponding record will appear in the military service card. And now the employer will pay attention to it. Not every leader wants to have employees with such a reputation.

By the way, a few months ago the media seriously discussed the proposal to give escapists a relevant certificate from the recruiting office instead of a military service card. It is clear that this certificate will close the way to a good position in a commercial entity, and even more – to a prestigious post of the civil service for the guy.

SONY DSCHowever, the idea of ​​issuing certificates to escapists is not supported by the General Staff. In the Main Organization and Mobilization Directorate, which sends Russian citizens for the military service and counts escapists they said that they have not heard anything about such innovations. And when they learned the essence of this draft initiative, they commented on it quite succinctly. “Now a man did not do military service without a good reason, and comes for a military service card when he is already 27, actually gets a blank paper. There’s no mark on military service or conscription commission decision to recognize a person non-effective. Any employer will understand that he is dealing with an escapist. In my opinion, it does not make sense to confirm this fact with a special certificate by the recruiting office,” said one of the officers of the General Staff.

Now there are new plans to make a mark of evading the service without a legal basis in the military service card. Most likely that generals will agree with such a way of indicating that a person dodged military service.

Russian Army Returns to the Arctic

04Russia decided to demonstrate its legitimate right for the Arctic and its natural and economic resources. This fall, on the island of Kotelny of New Siberian Islands a military airfield will be recreated. For that a large unit of ships was sent to the island.
From September 3 to September 12, 2013 a detachment of warships of the Northern Fleet including the heavy nuclear-power guided-missile cruiser “Petr Veliky “, large amphibious ships “Kondopoga”, “Olenegorsky gornyak”, rescue tugboat “Pamir”, killektornyh ships ” KIL -164 ” and ” Alexander Pushkin”, large sea tanker “Dubna”, tanker “Vyaz’ma”, sea tugboat ” MB – 100″, support vessel “Pechora” implemented a trip along the Northern Sea Route and came to the New Siberian islands, which belong to native Russian territories since the XVIII century. 018

Our surface warships have not reached so far along the Northern Sea Route. Not during the modern Russian history. First Deputy Defence Minister Arkady Bakhin said the campaign of warships of the Northern Fleet was carried out on the instructions of the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and in the framework of the plan of the Ministry of Defence for the resumption of the regular presence of the ships of Russian Navy in the strategically important regions of the Arctic. A goal of the campaign is to maintain Russia’s status as a leading Arctic power, strengthen its security and ensure normal economic activity of the Russian Federation in the state’s national interests regions.Temp
The task is very ambitious. Especially considering the appetites of many countries, not only bordering the Arctic Ocean, but also those which are thousands of miles away, for the presence in this part of the world, which is extremely rich in mineral resources as well as because of its economic attractiveness.
4393Not only a platform for helicopters , but also a full-fledged airfield “Temp” will be created on the island of Kotelny, in the future this airfield will be able to receive any military transport planes such as An- 12 and An -24 and An-72 and even IL-76. As for the creation of the runway in the permafrost zone, as stated by Gen. Arkady Bakhin, the latest technologies will be used.
“We came to this area of the Arctic , rather, we came back forever – Bakhin said. – The challenges are tough, but we will certainly implement them, for that we have everything, and above all trained professionals . The Ministry of Defence will fully implement the task of a permanent military presence in the Arctic in order to secure and legitimate Russian access to resources and areas of the region. ”
It is worth adding that the expeditionary unit of Coast and Geodetic Survey of the Northern Fleet consisting of the hydrographic vessel “Horizont” and the sea tug MB -5612 landed on the northernmost point of the Rudolf island of Frantz Josef Land Archipelago. It is possible that in the near future there will be one more Russian ice airfield here.

What to Choose?

KMO_109739_00394_1hDefence Ministry is ready to make another revolutionary step in the recruiting practices. So the generals want to change the law “On Military Duty and Military Service ” to give an opportunity to yesterday’s students to choose : either to be recruited for a year and live in military barracks , or to sign a contract for two years of service . But to live in civilian life conditions and to get decent money.
Theoretically, today any graduate of a civil institution can be recruited for the army. But as the first period of a professional service is makes up minimum of three years , the guys with the diploma tend to prefer 12 months military service as an ordinary conscripts . In pursuit of scientists-solders the Ministry of Defence decided to revise the terms of the contract. It is proposed to reduce the mandatory period of service up to two years. It is the innovation the generals want to include into the law.872
The logic is clear. The destiny of the recruit cannot be compared with the life of a contractor. The first is going to live in barracks , have rare dismissals and small – 2,000 rubles a month – salary. And contractors live in hostels, they can even rent an apartment and spend their off-duty time as they want. And they are given now a decent sum of money: on an average of 30-35 thousand per month. Many graduate students can only dream about such earnings.
However, not everyone wants to accept a professional army path. According to the generals, the first two years of the contract would be enough for a person to understand, whether he wants to remain in the army or not. If he wants, he will agree to an extension of military service. If otherwise, he will go to seek his fortune in other place. To make the contract even more attractive the Ministry of Defence wants to fill it with additional preferences. For example, now a professional soldier has the right to come into the army mortgage after three years of service. If the term of the contract is reduced to two years, he will be able to do it a year earlier. армия_призыв
Moreover, the Defence Ministry seriously brings under deliberation the right for the professional soldiers to come into the army mortgage when signing the first contract. While this is only an idea and its implementation needs a lot of existing regulations adjustment. However, this goal is very real.
These are not the first innovations proposed by the army leadership. The first one, perhaps, is a proposal by Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu to organize the service of students so that they can get a soldier training gradually. In September the generals and university rectors can approve a list of 10 institutions of higher education, which first will apply a new call-up scheme.

Russian Recruits to Start Mornings With Anthem

1Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Wednesday that all Russian military units should begin their mornings by singing the national anthem.

Currently, some Russian military units sing the anthem during evening roll call. But doing so is not mandatory and is carried out upon orders from the commander.

5“I instruct Russian military units to begin every morning by singing the anthem, no matter with what the servicemen are busy with,” Shoigu said at a meeting of senior ministry officials.

4Shoigu also said that a unified course of the history of the Russian military should be developed and introduced into all educational programs for Russian servicemen. The announcement comes about a month after Deputy Defense Minister Nikolai Pankov voiced plans to create a special military unit to work with archives and monitor the “falsification of history.”

3Russia’s armed forces are in the midst of a major program of reform, including a gradual transition to an all-volunteer makeup, organizational changes and re-equipment with advanced weapons, in a bid to create a military more suitable for future challenges and less like the legacy left over from the Soviet era.

1In line with the reform, the Defense Ministry is looking for numerous computer programmers to develop new software for the forces. The ministry also plans to create other units to work in fields such as sociology and psychology.

Although Russian soldiers’ daily schedules vary by region and military branch, their regimes are now being revised to give conscripts more time to rest and recover after intense training and studies, according to a website offering useful information for military officers. In recent years, Russian ground force units have started introducing naptime.

1The minister also did not forget about the information field in the “battle” for patriotism among the Russian soldiers. He instructed to create a list of must-read literature on the military-patriotic themes, as well as draw up a short course of the history of Russia in the form of a textbook. All military personnel will be required to read them without fail.

1Shoigu also talked on a less formidable military facility, the creation of which is soon to be over. To maintain the patriotic spirit a film studio is created on the TV channel “Zvezda”, which will produce feature, documentary and animated films.

Shoigu ordered to open the studio later this year, and added that its departments should be formed at combat arms and military districts.

What Military Education will Look Like?

1The Defence Ministry project on cyber troops  drew public attention to the problem of the quality of soldiers contingent in modern Russian Army . The question about who serves in the armed forces now and what skills and competencies soldier and officers have, has gone beyond the discussion of military professionals, it is discussed by different specialists.

1Today axiom the for everybody is that modern warfare is not so much a confrontation to steel, as a high-tech competition . Recognizing this , in 2006 , during the VIII Congress of the Union of Rectors began a consistent movement to restore ties between higher education and industry, implying that one of the important consumers of unique personnel and high technologies will be the sphere of defence and security.

4System agreements with the Russian Engineering Workers Guild and the partnership with the League of defence enterprises enabled to lead this work from the very beginning, clearly aware of the real needs and perspectives of our defence industry . The Russian Union of Rectors suggested to form direct relationships of university research teams with enterprises of Engineering Workers Guild, lobbied for engineering and technical component of school academic competitions, proposed to form the personnel reserve of the defence industry complex from the winners of such competitions, as well as with the help of vocational guidance programmes.

3College environment , being very responsive and dynamic, took it as one of its “basic settings”: the representatives of high-tech industry, which permitted the formation of a very productive two-way interaction model were almost full members of regional unions of rectors. Today, basic departments of the companies at universities, profile school academic competitions, working together in small innovative enterprises became a reality.

At the same time it is a local experience of productive ties between higher education and the army both in terms of content and in terms of geographical coverage . The task is much broader: we need to establish a system of training personnel by the high schools for the sphere of ​​defence and security, to create flexible mechanisms of bilateral scientific and technological cooperation. It is a systematic approach, where cyber troops  will be included as an important link, which will make this idea effective, and will attract an educated and ambitious young people in the armed forces .

1In terms of content it is obvious that the army is expecting from high school youth not only the skills of combat training , but also an intellectual capacity , aimed at the development of high-tech armed forces. This means that the most important task of the agenda is the issue of new military arts content.

Are Robotic Troops Our Future?

1The introduction of the robotic systems in the Armed Forces requires a systematic approach and a comprehensive military and feasibility study . The transition to a new technological system allows the introduction of technologies to increase efficiency, change the nature, forms and methods of warfare . Robotics can be definitely attributed to these tools.

1Under robotic systems for military purposes we mean remotely operated or autonomous models of weapons, military and special equipment, designed to replace people in the course of combat and support tasks. As in the major countries of the world, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are paying increased attention to robotics.

To streamline the robotics introduction process, ensure systematic decision-making and unity of the control under introduction of such equipment a number of coherent and verified concepts of creating robotic systems are developed in recent years.

1In developed countries of the world robotic is regarded as one of the most important ways to improve the quality and upgrade the weapons systems of tactical military units (units and parts), combat tasks, the task of technical and logistic support of which can effectively be carried out using remote-controlled semi-autonomous and autonomous robotic systems. According to the operational environment robotic systems are divided into land, air and sea (submarine).

Typically, when determining the need for robotic systems introduction their two major advantages are pointed out. The first one is the reduction of losses of personnel and equipment in combat and high-risk tasks, while the second advantage consists in improving the effectiveness of solutions for known problems and the possibility to meet new challenges which a man is not able to meet because of the physiological and intellectual limitations.

2Robots are not susceptible to the effects of stress which causes immediate danger to life, fatigue, insufficient training, lack of time on decision-making and execution of actions , etc. They are able to work dispassionately in the areas of radioactive and chemical contamination, disposal of mines and leaker munitions, fire fighting and etc.

3The appearance of robots makes it possible to solve a number of problems which were not available previously, for example conducting underwater operations at great depths. With regard to Russia robotic fortifications can particularly ensure the protection and defense of the border in the Far East, where the number of troops does not correspond to the scope and nature of possible military action.

It is assumed that the robots can provide a more efficient use of outdated models of military and special equipment which will acquire new qualities. However such use of robotic equipment requires careful evaluation.