Russian Recruits to Start Mornings With Anthem

1Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Wednesday that all Russian military units should begin their mornings by singing the national anthem.

Currently, some Russian military units sing the anthem during evening roll call. But doing so is not mandatory and is carried out upon orders from the commander.

5“I instruct Russian military units to begin every morning by singing the anthem, no matter with what the servicemen are busy with,” Shoigu said at a meeting of senior ministry officials.

4Shoigu also said that a unified course of the history of the Russian military should be developed and introduced into all educational programs for Russian servicemen. The announcement comes about a month after Deputy Defense Minister Nikolai Pankov voiced plans to create a special military unit to work with archives and monitor the “falsification of history.”

3Russia’s armed forces are in the midst of a major program of reform, including a gradual transition to an all-volunteer makeup, organizational changes and re-equipment with advanced weapons, in a bid to create a military more suitable for future challenges and less like the legacy left over from the Soviet era.

1In line with the reform, the Defense Ministry is looking for numerous computer programmers to develop new software for the forces. The ministry also plans to create other units to work in fields such as sociology and psychology.

Although Russian soldiers’ daily schedules vary by region and military branch, their regimes are now being revised to give conscripts more time to rest and recover after intense training and studies, according to a website offering useful information for military officers. In recent years, Russian ground force units have started introducing naptime.

1The minister also did not forget about the information field in the “battle” for patriotism among the Russian soldiers. He instructed to create a list of must-read literature on the military-patriotic themes, as well as draw up a short course of the history of Russia in the form of a textbook. All military personnel will be required to read them without fail.

1Shoigu also talked on a less formidable military facility, the creation of which is soon to be over. To maintain the patriotic spirit a film studio is created on the TV channel “Zvezda”, which will produce feature, documentary and animated films.

Shoigu ordered to open the studio later this year, and added that its departments should be formed at combat arms and military districts.


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