Russian Army Returns to the Arctic

04Russia decided to demonstrate its legitimate right for the Arctic and its natural and economic resources. This fall, on the island of Kotelny of New Siberian Islands a military airfield will be recreated. For that a large unit of ships was sent to the island.
From September 3 to September 12, 2013 a detachment of warships of the Northern Fleet including the heavy nuclear-power guided-missile cruiser “Petr Veliky “, large amphibious ships “Kondopoga”, “Olenegorsky gornyak”, rescue tugboat “Pamir”, killektornyh ships ” KIL -164 ” and ” Alexander Pushkin”, large sea tanker “Dubna”, tanker “Vyaz’ma”, sea tugboat ” MB – 100″, support vessel “Pechora” implemented a trip along the Northern Sea Route and came to the New Siberian islands, which belong to native Russian territories since the XVIII century. 018

Our surface warships have not reached so far along the Northern Sea Route. Not during the modern Russian history. First Deputy Defence Minister Arkady Bakhin said the campaign of warships of the Northern Fleet was carried out on the instructions of the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and in the framework of the plan of the Ministry of Defence for the resumption of the regular presence of the ships of Russian Navy in the strategically important regions of the Arctic. A goal of the campaign is to maintain Russia’s status as a leading Arctic power, strengthen its security and ensure normal economic activity of the Russian Federation in the state’s national interests regions.Temp
The task is very ambitious. Especially considering the appetites of many countries, not only bordering the Arctic Ocean, but also those which are thousands of miles away, for the presence in this part of the world, which is extremely rich in mineral resources as well as because of its economic attractiveness.
4393Not only a platform for helicopters , but also a full-fledged airfield “Temp” will be created on the island of Kotelny, in the future this airfield will be able to receive any military transport planes such as An- 12 and An -24 and An-72 and even IL-76. As for the creation of the runway in the permafrost zone, as stated by Gen. Arkady Bakhin, the latest technologies will be used.
“We came to this area of the Arctic , rather, we came back forever – Bakhin said. – The challenges are tough, but we will certainly implement them, for that we have everything, and above all trained professionals . The Ministry of Defence will fully implement the task of a permanent military presence in the Arctic in order to secure and legitimate Russian access to resources and areas of the region. ”
It is worth adding that the expeditionary unit of Coast and Geodetic Survey of the Northern Fleet consisting of the hydrographic vessel “Horizont” and the sea tug MB -5612 landed on the northernmost point of the Rudolf island of Frantz Josef Land Archipelago. It is possible that in the near future there will be one more Russian ice airfield here.


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