Escapists Ruin Their Own Career

1The Defence Ministry is preparing amendments to the Regulations on conscription. They will determine the terms and conditions under which military enlistment offices will “fix” people who did not serve in the army without a good reason.

1Now it is difficult to recognize the so-called escapists among conscientious recruits . Both will get a military service card at military enlistment office. However, whose who did not serve in the army come when they are already 27 years old, when they cannot be recruited for a year of military service anymore. Theoretically, a man who dodges the draft should go to prison. But in practice, the case is usually limited to an administrative fine of several hundreds of rubles. And the military enlistment office must give him a military service card.

And this document does not say where this citizen performed his constitutional duty. And the employer is not likely to pay attention to what is written in the document. In short, until recently an escapist has not any serious difficulties.

Moreover these guys along with those who served in the army could make a career not only in business but also in the civil service.

1However the situation has changed this summer when the president signed a law aimed at increasing the attractiveness of military service. This document forbids to accept citizens who did not do military service without a good reason for the civil service. In addition, a corresponding record will appear in the military service card. And now the employer will pay attention to it. Not every leader wants to have employees with such a reputation.

By the way, a few months ago the media seriously discussed the proposal to give escapists a relevant certificate from the recruiting office instead of a military service card. It is clear that this certificate will close the way to a good position in a commercial entity, and even more – to a prestigious post of the civil service for the guy.

SONY DSCHowever, the idea of ​​issuing certificates to escapists is not supported by the General Staff. In the Main Organization and Mobilization Directorate, which sends Russian citizens for the military service and counts escapists they said that they have not heard anything about such innovations. And when they learned the essence of this draft initiative, they commented on it quite succinctly. “Now a man did not do military service without a good reason, and comes for a military service card when he is already 27, actually gets a blank paper. There’s no mark on military service or conscription commission decision to recognize a person non-effective. Any employer will understand that he is dealing with an escapist. In my opinion, it does not make sense to confirm this fact with a special certificate by the recruiting office,” said one of the officers of the General Staff.

Now there are new plans to make a mark of evading the service without a legal basis in the military service card. Most likely that generals will agree with such a way of indicating that a person dodged military service.


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