General Staff Reported On Army Rearmament

1Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu checked how his generals are carrying out the Armed Forces development plan for the next seven years. A large-scale program involving more than a dozen sections – from the phase- beginning from the soldiers and officers outfit 2change and ending with rearmament with modern military equipment – is approved and planned until 2020. There are also the tasks, which the army is obliged to achieve by the end of this December. It was the point the Defence Minister was interested most of all.

1Based on the report of the General Staff Head Valery Gerasimov, one should not worry much about the implementation of the plan. For each divisional brigade, division and a separate military unit there is a plan of a new armory acquisition, contract soldiers’ acceptance, settlement of the officers families, upgrading of infrastructure, and etc. for the current and the next year it is detailed monthly. In addition, these plans are synchronized by the generals by terms of performance and providing finance.

“Now, every commander knows when and in what quantity weapons and military equipment is received, how to prepare the infrastructure for its placement, where and how to train specialists to operate it, when the service housing fond will be created and improvement of military towns will be completed. On this basis, he can plan his future work,” the General Staff Head said.

980222-F-4406B-510The plan for this year also provides structural changes. The General Staff Head, in particular, mentioned that the formation of an army corps is now completed in Sakhalin. The cavalry squadrons are being completed at amphibious divisions. But perhaps the most important changes will take place in the Air Forces. The Defence Ministry said that the establishment of major air bases in the military districts was not effective. It was therefore decided to return to the system of air divisions and regiments.

In summer, the situation with the recruitment of contractors in the army was quite alarming. Gerasimov made ​​it clear that the shortage of soldiers remained in the past. Moreover, the plan of the army professionalization was even exceeded in September.

1Gerasimov reminded his colleagues that this year it was decided to equip 16 military camps to organize the construction and repair of more than 200 barracks, military vehicles parks, canteens, educational buildings, sports facilities and service buildings. This process is not behind schedule at the moment.

Airfields, positioning areas for the Strategic Missile Forces, naval bases, and other infrastructure – in total about 100 sites are built to receive and operation the new weapons and equipment across Russia.

Modern barracks are worth mentioning. Sergey Shoigu ordered the creation of decent living conditions there which will remind the boys their home.


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