Autumn Military Conscription Begins

1A press conference devoted to the beginning of autumn military conscription, in which more than 150,000 people will be sent to the army, held in the Russian Defence Ministry on Monday. “The Presidential Decree defined the norm – 150 330 people ,” – said the deputy head of the Main Organization and Mobilization Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Major General Eugene Burdinskiy .

1According to him, 23% of the total number of recruits (35,000 people) are professionals, trained in educational institutions of Voluntary Association for Assistance to Army, Aviation and Fleet (DOSAAF). Young people from the flood-affected families in the Far East will not be drafted into the army.

Burdinskiy noted that the rate of recruitment will be fully implemented even taking into account the disaster.

A Year of Service

1Burdinskiy recalled that since 2008, the term of military service amounts to 12 months. “It does not impact on the quality of training of young soldiers – said the general. – We select professionals at DOSAAF institutions, as well as in other institutions. At the first stage they go through basic training and teamwork training at platoons and squadrons.” Moreover our conscripts are trained for six months at training centers instead of three months as before,” – he added.

He added that the army was able to release solders from work on housekeeping needs and to devote time to professional training.

Rights of Conscripts

1The representatives of Main Military Procuracy will accompany recruits at all stages of recruitment – from arriving at the draft board and till the arrival to the place of service. Recruits have special lectures, where they are explained the rights and responsibilities of a military man. Every young person is given special brochures with the information about the rights and responsibilities of recruits.

Wishes Concerning Duty Area will be Considered

1The General Staff said that the wishes of the recruits concerning duty area will be considered. According Burdinskiy the relevant recommendations have been sent to all military enlistment offices. A draftee will have more opportunities to choose a place of service if he attends the military enlistment office at the beginning of the recruiting campaign or receive advance complex military specialties.

“A particular advantage in this case have married people, those who have elderly parents or are bringing up young children,” said Burdinskiy .

Specialised Squadrons

1The formation of cyber and sport troops continues in the ranks of the Armed Forces. ” Two cyber troops have already been operating successfully. We plan to create two more – this trend will be developed,” said Burdinskiy. One of the new troops will be located in St. Petersburg and the other – in Krasnogorsk (Moscow region). During the autumn conscription campaign up to 60 people are planned to draft to cyber troops.

Conscripts will be able to Take their Dogs for the Service

2Dogs with specialized skills can do military service with their owners-conscripts.

“If a recruit with the dog took special courses and have certain skills, such specialists are in demand in the armed forces – said Burdinskiy . – We draw attention to the requests of recruits to go a military service with his pet. They can be recruited not only to the army, but also in the Interior Ministry troops, which has kennels for dogs . “


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