The Internet on the battlefield

2Russian Defence Ministry intends to urgently overcome the gap to the Western armies in the field of communication.

2Electronic tablet in the next few years will be a must-have outfit of the Russian soldier, and communications in the Russian army will not be inferior to foreign ones. A video conference has already started to be used to control the ships of the Russian Navy. The Office of Communications Ministry of Defence about his plans.

The acting head of the main Communications division of the Armed Forces of Russia , Major General Khalil Arslanov told reporters about the pace at which the army is now equipped with the latest electronic means.

Thus, the general said, the Defence Ministry is now working on equipping the military units with Internet access means.

2He noted that computers are connected to the Internet at a number of facilities of the Defence Ministry, with special attention paid to compliance with safety requirements.

Arslanov also admitted that it is now difficult to find soldiers, including conscripts, who did not have a personal mobile phone. “At least 80 % of them use the phones that have the ability to connect to the Internet,” – he said.

The developed set of “equipment of XXI century fighter” will include a new radio station, of the sixth generation, as well as an electronic tablet.

“This kit provides soldier navigation, orientation, target designation, management of firepower and also increases his combat capabilities, improving survivability and mobility in the battlefield . “

3“The kit includes a new generation of radio communications and military-oriented electronic tablet, alias tactical terminal” – added acting head of the main Communications division.

This tablet is designed to automate the management solutions, applied computational problems as well as problems of navigation and orienteering using a digital magnetic compass and GLONASS/GPS receiver.

Arslanov expressed regret that he could not provide more detailed information about this, because the “work to create a unified system of control of troops in battlefield operations is not yet completed and the information about its results should not be broadcast.”

1By 2020, according to the general, more than two thousand control points and other facilities of the Defence Ministry will be equipped with digital telecommunications means.

Arslanov said that with the installation of new equipment ” the user is provided the necessary services – open and closed high-quality telephone service, access to the computerized control system, exchange system of electronic correspondence, and additional features: carrying audio and video conferences, access to global information resources (access to Internet).”


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