Reservists will be Called for Practice

1The Russian government issued a decree number 964, which determines the frequency of training sessions  for “partisans”. In the document, they are referred to as training sessions necessary to maintain the appropriate military skills of the reservists.

New conscripts march as they depart from Russia's Siberian city of BarnaulThe comments, posted on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers, say : “Currently, regulations do not allow to attract reservists to participate in training sessions according to the plans of combat training of units (military units) as they hold full-time military posts which reservists should fill in wartime.

3Changes, approved by the decree, will allow us to call reservists for monthly training sessions to maintain the required level of their individual skills.”

It should be specified that it is not about all citizens in reserve, but only about people who voluntarily joined the professional mobilization reserve. The law establishing it came into force on January 1, 2013. Also general rules for the formation of a second front for the Russian army and other security agencies are created. And all details of this process are listed in terms of mobilization plan of the General Staff.

4Many sections of the document, such as the one which refers to the total number of reservists, have a security classification. But military leaders do not hide information on voluntary affiliation of “partisans” in the replacement troops. Before signing a contract with the Ministry of Defence, people must know which additional service they should conduct in the Army periodically, and how it will be measured in rubles. The same applies to the conditions of combining military and civilian duties of the reservist, and other nuances of their peaceful and at the same time “partisan” life.

1The General Staff plan has the answers to all these questions, and the military men have already shared with some public information with the future soldiers of the second front. For example, we know that each volunteer reservist will be used in the army according to his military specialty and will systematically be called for meetings and military trainings. During this time which a person spends in reserve he will be paid a monthly salary, locality pay, markup percentage for inactivity. In addition, when concluding a new contract a full-time “partisan” should get a grant.

Before implementing a new system for the mobilization for the whole army the generals decided to test it infantry brigades of the Army. They will do it in two stages. There was an information that during the first stage – in 2013 – the number of reservists in the armed forces will be increased up to 5,000 people. And during the second one- from January 2015 – the “partisan” army will be increased up to 8,600 people. In other words, the General Staff hopes that before the New Year holidays the armed forces will have at hand at least one professional team of reservists. And a year later – two units of them.

Generals can use the aid of full-time “partisans” not only during the war and military exercises, but also for disaster management.


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