Shoigu to Relieve Leisure of Soldiers by 3D-Movie Cinemas, Sunbeds and Saunas

1The policy of creating comfortable conditions for military personnel, elected by Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu, will be continued. In most military camps, which are currently under construction, a new type of cultural and leisure centers with 3D- movie cinemas, sunbeds and saunas are envisaged.

 1This week Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the Army continues to move towards the humanization of military service. “Soldiers have two days off, they have the opportunity to go out in civilian clothes after resignation or to use Skype or a mobile phone,” he said at a meeting of the Public Council of the Ministry of Defence, which includes the well-known actors, musicians and politicians. Shoigu also promised that by the end of 2013 showers and buffets will be organized in all military units.

The Defence Ministry will take care not only of conscripts living in units, but also of the officers living in closed and conventional military camps. According to the approved plan of arrangement signed by Shoigu there will be cinemas that can show movies with 3D- effect in all military camps.

In more than 340 military bases construction works are being fulfilled. “It’s not just about 3D- cinemas, they will be placed in the fully equipped cultural and recreational centers where soldiers can have a rest,” – said a source in the Defence Ministry.

1The two projects of the construction of such centers were considered. In suburban Mozhajsk, where there are three military units, will be a huge cultural and business centre of three modules – a cultural and informational, entertainment and relaxation and recreation one. In addition to 3D- cinemas there is a library with a book stock of 15 million books, a photo studio, a beauty salon, a solarium and sauna for ten people in the center.

 1Mozhaisk is located in 100 km from Moscow, and nowhere to go there especially. Military live closed, so their leisure, promised in the Defence Ministry, will try to establish as soon as possible.

 The same cultural and business centre will soon appear in the Arkhangelsk region.

1“This is a very positive trend”, the colonel Anatoly Dergilev said. “Military personnel should be able to have a good rest after the service. And the presence of nearby cinema or gym will also help to overcome alcoholism in military camps.”

 “Officers and perhaps contractors, of course, must be provided the maximum comfortable conditions of service, – the deputy director of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis, Alexander Khramchikhin says. – Recruits must also live in normal conditions, for example, it is impossible without showers.” As for other benefits, here, according to experts, there is a danger to cross the line and get to the state of the western armies. “Some of them because of an overabundance of comfort ceased to be full-fledged armies,” Khramchikhin said.


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