Sergei Shoigu Approved Concept of Russian Defence Ministry Property Management

3Subordinated to the Ministry of Defence “Oboronservis” holding is waiting for a major reorganization. Proposals for the new structure and functions of the company will be submitted to Sergei Shoigu in mid-December.

СК РФ проводит обыски в холдинге "Оборонсервис" по делу о мошенничествеThey are already being prepared in the Department of Property Relations of Ministry of Defence. Its specialists faced a complicated task. On the one hand, the work of the holding should be built so that it can fully support the operating needs of the army. And on the other it should exclude, as far as possible, the theft of public money.

A structure will appear in the Ministry of Defence that will organize the supply of the army during the war and exercises.

1– What we do? “Slavyanka” , ” REU ” – this is the current repairs and maintenance of housing and public utilities. ” Oboronenergo ” – power engineering . ” Voyentorg” , which deals with nutrition, sewing , bath and laundry service. As well as military construction – “OboronStroy” and  Chief Directorate for Troop Accommodations should be mentioned. In fact this is all the features that will be left of “Oboronservis”, Director of Property Relations Department of the Ministry of Defence Dmitry Kurakin said.

1Other news directly concerns the department, which is headed by the official. According to Kurakin, Defence Minister approved the new concept of the Armed Forces property management. In fact, it is the first strategic “non-military” document in the history of the Russian army. It describes in detail what the department should do. The key areas of work, in particular, are improving the accounting of immovable military property, the definition of its objective function and its effective management. The document also includes the new rules of the army property realization. Its pre-sale preparation – accounting, registration , assessment and other operations now will not be conducted by the Ministry of Defence, it should be done by the seller, which will be authorized to sell the unnecessary property.

– Given the redundancy area of real estate available to the Ministry of Defence, including military bases, educational, cultural, municipal facilities catering to the needs of the population, one of the main criteria is the efficiency of the transfer of such property to the new owners, said Kurakin.

1And another important point. The Ministry of Defence wants to create a structure that will take the lead in organizing the army supply necessary during war, training exercises and operational readiness tests. The experience of recent years shows that merchants serving military units in the framework of outsourcing, are not eager to go into the fields to feed the soldiers in the trenches. So the Ministry of Defence decided that the military men or the workers and employees of the Russian army would have to do it.

Earlier, catering, bath and laundry services and other unusual features for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation were fully transferred to the system of outsourcing, or transferred to civilian structures.


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