Defence Ministry Revives Service at Reservations

4Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu decided to restore reservation service in the army practically eliminated by Anatoly Serdyukov during the reduction of the Armed Forces.

1Now, starting from 2014, for the operation of landfills Defence Ministry will prepare special officers, operators of landfill equipment, and introduce robotic systems actively. According to the Boundary Layer Control, during the reform of landfills the number of staff positions was substantially reduced and the system of training was essentially eliminated.

“As a result today at combined arms organizations the polygon service is supervised by an officer in the capacity of a senior lieutenant who does not have the proper experience of organizing the necessary measures. At the same time staff positions of landfills training facilities operators remain vacant in most cases, forcing commanders to involve trainees in the process of training facilities development. Any weakening of attention is fraught with tragic consequences”, reported the Boundary Layer Control.

2The main reasons for the lack of civilian personnel was low wages and  high degree of responsibility for the security. To remedy the situation, beginning with the December 1, 2013 training of landfills operators will be resumed in the training centers of the military districts. It is planned to teach 240 such specialists annually. In addition, the Ministry of Defence organized a three-month training courses for polygon officers at universities – 20 people every year. The first four groups have already been recruited at the Combined Arms Academy in Moscow.

As the head of the department of educational and methodical of the academy, Colonel Igor Yakimov said, the first issue of the officers of polygon service will take place on December 26, 2013. “This year we have recruited four groups of officers who will serve in the 333-d interspecies center in the village of Mulino of Nizhny Novgorod region”, Yakimov said.

5A military expert, chief editor of the ” Arsenal Otechestva” Victor Murakhovski considers that three-month course is quite enough to master the basic skills of management and the principles of operation of the new equipment, and then military men will be able to master peculiarities of the work with specific equipment on the ground.

3According to the Boundary Layer Control of the Ministry of Defence, since 2013 a new infrastructure of training is introduced in the army, which is based on four centers and four interspecific district landfills. The Defence Ministry plans to use in combat training 100 polygons, 62 of which are currently being upgraded.

Many training programs are translated from actual combat vehicles to simulators, instead of live ammunition laser shooting simulators are being introduced, and at places where a real shooting is still needed, they begin to use inert ammunition with simulated lesions and explosions. In the structure of landfills administration security officers positions are introduced.


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