Measures to Increase Number of Contract Soldiers in the Russian Army Taken

1The Russian Ministry of Defense again released the information that till the end of the year fundamental changes can be made in the law “Concerning Military Duty and Military Service”. These changes will affect the choices of term of service. The choices are: if a young person aged 18 to 27 years old is conscripted, then his call-up liability will make for 12 months, and if he decides to choose a contract service, the term of the contract will be reduced from three to two years.

2Until recently, the right to sign a two-year contract with the first day of service had only graduates of high schools. Now the Official Secretary of State Defense Ministry Nikolai Pankov said that there were plans to provide such opportunities to the graduates of secondary vocational schools.

The main military department announced that nobody could “bug out”. That is, if a young men decides to immediately sign a contract for two years , to serve only two months, and then terminate the contract for any reason, he will serve the remaining time by the formula ” a day of call-up liability equals to two days of a contract service”.

1Why does the Department of Defense support the idea of ​​amending the law? Official report: to promote the service contract and, as a consequence, to increase the number of contractors in the Russian army. Today, according to information of the Ministry of Defense, contractors in the Russian army account for 206,000 people. And in four years, according to the program, their number should reach 425,000 people. The new amendments to the law “Concerning Military Duty and Military Service”, according to the Defense Ministry, will contribute to the growth.

In fact, a new proposal from the main military department looks quite viable. If in large Russian cities there are no problems with jobs for young people, in towns not every young man can immediately after graduating high school or college find a good job.

1That is why many graduates will be interested in the proposal to conclude a two-year contract. The allowance and, naturally, some hypothetical advantage over the recruits (living outside the barracks, for example) will do their job, and the number of contractors in our army will begin to grow.

Will the increase in the number of contractors be systematic and progressive? – it is a question the answer to which depends on the policy of contract service of the Russian Defense Ministry. If it is going to actually provide the military the benefits which are promised now (and it is not only a worthy salary and the opportunity to stay outside military units, but also the opportunity to use military mortgage program after two years of the contract service) the increase will continue. If all of this is just a fairy tale the new amendments will not bring to good results.


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