Outsourcing Army Kitchens Canceled

1Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu canceled outsourcing method at Army kitchens. Beginning from the new year soldiers will be feed by staff cooks, however the food supply will be engaged by the military units themselves. The press service of the Defence Ministry informed about it. There are no commercial firms with the necessary equipment for cooking at testing areas, military men have still to purchase food during drills.

PICT0028The Ministry did not renew agreements with contractors for 2014 and beginning from January military cooks will prepare meals during trainings. Now civilians firms will work only with stationary canteens of cantonments and garrisons, where they will organize “buffets” for fighters.

DSC02082In this case, unlike stationary canteens, perishables will not be used at testing areas. Instead of fresh meat they will cook using stew and canned products will replace fruit, vegetables and salads.

“Perishables are very difficult to store under field conditions. To eliminate the risk of intestinal disorders and poisoning it was decided to abandon them. The quantitative norm is fully preserved,” said the press service officer Vladimir Drobyshevskiy who is in charge of army logistics.

Ministry of Defence will update equipment and utensils which costs almost 1 billion rubles. New kitchen trailers, mobile breadmakers, vans for food transportation, as well as more than 40 million units of disposable tableware will be procured.

???????????????????????????????The Defence Ministry claimed that during the reform years soldiers do not forgot how to cook edible food. “The equipment has not disappeared anywhere, everything is in good condition. Cooking courses are also preserved as well as cooking technology in the field conditions. So there are no problems for returning to independent feeding of soldiers”, assured Vladimir Drobyshevskiy.

2He added that the new kitchen trailers and vans for food transportation which will be purchased in 2014 are only the beginning of a large-scale rearmament of the army cooking appliances in combat conditions. Until 2020 it is planned to upgrade 70 % of the equipment of mobile canteens. Now the Russian army operates about 10 thousand field kitchens.

PICT0106Executive secretary of the Russian Union of Committees of Soldiers ‘ Mothers Valentina Melnikova is sure that field kitchens should be serviced only by contractors, otherwise mess duty will reappear in the Army, and recruits will be forced to wash boilers.

“What the outsourcing was introduced for? To rid the soldiers of functions not related to the military service. Now if everything comes back as it was, the officers again will have a reason to blackmail soldiers with mess duty, injustice and conflicts will arise. Besides inexperienced fighters can get a bunch of injuries and who knows what they will cook. We stand for professionalism in the army – in everything, including food,” Melnikova said.


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