Defence Ministry Proposes to Establish Interuniversity Senior Divisions

5The Russian Defence Ministry proposes to establish interuniversity senior divisions not to separate the students of high schools without senior divisions for service. The head of the Russian General Staff, Army General Valery Gerasimov told this in an interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

What will be changed in the system of military training?

1“It is already decided not to increase the number of senior divisions of universities. Another approach is selected: to create inter-university centers of military training on the basis of existing divisions, they will cover not only basic university, but also the nearby ones ,” he said.

At the same time, Gerasimov said the system of the military day would be retained, however, a particular day of classes would be chosen not for courses but for universities, which should synchronize their own educational program with the military training one.

4According to the head of General Staff, universities , located far from the existing senior divisions, the Defence Ministry will offer other forms of training.

“Interuniversity military training centers will not be different from the existing senior divisions and faculties of military training,” he said.

How long the military training in university will take?

When organizing military training in high schools it is planned to allocate 2-2.5 years on theoretical training, practical training will be carried out in the course of reserve training and will not take less than three months. Currently, the duration of these training does not exceed 30 days.

Gerasimov said that the proposed level of military training in high schools will be comparable with the preparation of the conscripts and provides the necessary quality. Defence Ministry also offers the universities to train not only officers, but also sergeants (foremen) and reserve soldiers (sailors).

“In addition, if it is possible, we need to prepare students for those military occupational specialties that are related to their future civilian professions – continued Gerasimov . – A particular attention should be paid to military training of medical students, as well as aircrew of aviation universities. It seems reasonable to train all of them according to the respective programs of military training.”

6The head of General Staff said that under the new system the student will receive the diploma of graduation only after successful completion of military training and qualification examination for military specialty. Otherwise, the student will not only get a diploma, but also he will not be promoted to the rank of a soldier, a sergeant or a lieutenant of the reserve, and he will serve by conscription.

3Gerasimov also recalled that in Russia those who evaded military service without a legitimate reason are forbidden to hold office at the state and municipal civil service. “The proposed form of military training in high schools allows students without interrupting their study process at the university to fulfill their constitutional duty and in the future to get a job in government agencies and bodies of state administration,” he stressed.


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