Khodynskoye Field Received First Combined Rehearsal of March in Honor of 1941 Parade


On November 7 at the Red Square it will be remodeled the most important events of WWII, as well as military equipment show.

In the march on November 7, six thousand persons will participate: students of military schools, members of youth organizations. All the secrets, of course, are not yet open. The role of military equipment is played be the iron frames, and uniform is everyday. November 7, they will wear ceremonial costumes, as well as the uniform of the times of the Great Patriotic War.

Military equipment will remain on Red Square to 21.00 on 7 November. Also this year for the first time it will be reconstructed the most striking events of the war, from the defense of Moscow to the capture of the Reichstag.

From guest tribunes of the Red Square, the scene will be observed by about 1,000 veterans, including 28 members of the historical parade in 1941. After the solemn march, the veterans will go to the Bolshoi Theatre to see a gala concert.


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