More than 800 people attended Krasnoyarsk mobile contract service selection point

армия 5

The mobile point of selection for contract military service, located in Krasnoyarsk under the information-propaganda campaign “Contract service in the armed forces is Your Choice”, attracts great attention on the part of the citizens.

“More than 800 people visited the mobile selection point, 325 of whom have expressed a desire to participate in all its activities related to the selection. More than 100 of them have applied for admission to military service under contract,” – Russian Air Force Commander Gen. Viktor Bondarev was reported at the point.

Before that, Russian Air Force Commander urged the young and educated Siberians to sign contracts for contract service with the Defense Ministry and join the Air Force.

According to the Defense Ministry, currently in Russia there are 76 selection points of citizens for military service under the contract. In total 276 thousand soldiers are serving in the Army and Navy under the contract. It is planned that by 2017 their number will amount to nearly 500 thousand people.


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