Buryatia Military Tested Underwear for Protection Against Radiation and Chemical Substances


“As part of the training, the soldiers worked a new technique of application of radiation and chemical reconnaissance vehicles RHM-6, and for the first time used the received new protective suits “Nerhta” and gas masks PMK-3,” the head of the Western Military District press –service Colonel Alexander Gordeev told Interfax-AVN on Wednesday.

He noted that the protective suit “Nerhta” “is made of non-combustible materials and partially protects against the effects of radiation and chemicals.” “The set includes the underwear with similar properties,” the officer said. Gas mask PMK-3 is designed for protection of respiratory organs, face and eyes of personnel from exposure of toxic, radioactive, highly toxic substances, bacterial agents, radioactive dust.

PMK-3 can be used in all climatic zones of Russia in the summer, autumn, winter and spring, in day and night conditions, at temperatures from minus 40 to plus 40 degrees Celsius. Gas mask PMK-3 also provides the ability to receive water in contaminated atmosphere, A.Gordeev said.


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