Baltic “Black Berets” to Experience and Learn New Techniques


On the eve of the Day of the Marine Corps, which is celebrated in Russia on November 27, the head of Baltic Fleet Coastal Troops – Deputy Commander of the Baltic Fleet for coastal troops, Hero of Russia, Major-General Andrey Goushchin told in an interview on the technical re-equipment of the BF Marine Corps.

“In the Baltic, Marine Corps are presented by a separate brigade, commanded by Colonel Vasily Kravtsov. In the past year, instead of outdated BTR-80, the troop received modern combat vehicles BTR-82A. Armored vehicle is equipped with modern weapons complex and is seaworthy.

Currently, the military troops are actively involved in the trial of new landing crafts of the project 21820. As part of the factory and state tests, the soldiers are effectuating load and landing on the BTR-82A. The first boat “Denis Davydov” recently became a member of the Navy, two similar landing crafts “Lieutenant Rimsky-Korsakov” and “Midshipman Lermontov”, with the Marines and equipment on board are tested at marine fleet ranges.


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