Latest Weapons Presented in Kovrov


At the Dyagterev plant in Kovrov yesterday for the first time it was demonstrated the new assault rifle. Up to this point, even its appearance was a mystery and such weapon has not yet been made by the legendary company. In some of its features and characteristics, the rifle outperforms all analogues. Designers not only showed it, but also revealed technological features.

To create a rifle that shoots with minimal impact. This is the goal of the designers of the plant. Now this weapon passes the state tests. The new machine is designed to use two cartridges 5.45 and 7.62.

The new machine from Kovrov shoots the same ammunition as the AK-74 by Kalashnikov. According to its accuracy and sighting distance, especially when shooting bursts, it performs all standards that are applied by the Ministry of Defence to weapons of this class.


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