Russia Puts into Service Unique Anti-Ship Missiles


Supersonic, super-maneuverable, “deaf” to the radar interference – such will be the new Russian cruise missiles, which stand for service of military units of the Russian army in 2015. This was told by the director general of the corporation “Tactical Missiles” Boris Obnosov. This corporation unites all Russian developers of tactical and operational-tactical missiles, and in the last two or three years, put into service “about a dozen new products,” including long-range missiles.

The main novelty of the Russian defense industry is a cruise missile X-35UE. Externally, the rocket is very similar to the American ASM “Harpoon”. Designers do not hide it. Although they say that there is a difference. It is hidden in a unique homing device that is immune to radar interference. It operates in two modes: active when the rocket for a split second launches its homing device to search for targets, and passive, when the target detection machine does not scan the space and catches pulses emitted by the target.

“Bal” is a system of 2 command vehicles and four launchers. In terms of its features, the complex covers up to 350 km.


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