Secretary General: SCO has no plans to create its own military structure

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The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) has no plans to create its own military structure, SCO Secretary General Dmitry Mezentsev told journalists on Friday.

“The basic provisions of the SCO Charter, which are unchanged and have shown their relevance over 13 years of organization existence, do not provide any kind of armed groups under the auspices of the organization,” – he said.

“The interaction with the Ministry of Defense, one of indicators of which are exercises called “Peace Mission” and which have been successfully held this August on the territory of one of the Chinese provinces, have the task of practicing only interaction of the SCO units in the antiterrorist sphere,” – added Mezentsev.


Russian servicemen to inspect British Armed Forces Brigade

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On November 6 a group of Russian military inspectors will visit and estimate the 1st Mechanized Brigade of the British Armed Forces stationed in Tidworth, said head of the Defense Ministry on the control over the implementation of agreements Sergey Ryzhkov.

The inspection will be held under the Vienna Document signed in 2011.

“The inspectors will visit the brigade’s headquarters in the place of its usual peacetime deployment site. The command of the compound will also provide information concerning the personnel of the brigade and major weapons systems and military technology at the briefing,” – said Ryzhkov.

He explained that “such evaluation visits are conducted in order to verify information on military forces and plans for the deployment of major weapon systems and military equipment.”