Russian Armed Forces are planned to be fully provided with satellite navigation by 2020

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The Russian Armed Forces will be 100% equipped with satellite navigation by 2020, told head of the Military Topographic Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Federation Sergey Kozlov.

At the time, the armed forces are provided with satellite navigation equipment by 85%, while in 2012 the figure was 50%.

He noted that the navigation equipment is not meant for every soldier now, but he expressed confidence that “this is the matter of the very near future”.

Kozlov also said that at the present time a promising system to equip the Armed Forces with geospatial information is being formed in Russia.

More than 40 thousand sets of satellite navigation equipment have already been delivered to the troops in 2014.


In 2015 academic year paratroopers plan to triple number of jumps with delayed opening of main canopy over 10 seconds

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Special and intelligence units of the Airborne Forces plan to increase the number of jumps with delayed opening of the main canopy over 10 seconds in 2015 more than in 3 times. Paratroopers are going to make more than 10 thousand such jumps next year. In addition, about 200 paratroopers learnt to make these jumps after receiving the equipment.

In 2015, during the exercises at various levels it is planned to carry out airdrops of more than 100 units of weapons and equipment from the aircraft of military transport aviation.

A significant increase in parachute jumps and airdrops of equipment and weapons of the Airborne units is due to the increased intensity of combat training of paratroopers and a larger number of exercises held at various levels with the landing of troops and equipment.

Military doctors to hold more than 100 unscheduled inspections of recruits

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Mobile teams of the medical service military district specialists will hold more than 100 unscheduled health inspections of servicemen called up for service in the Russian Armed Forces in the autumn of 2014, ahead of the seasonal exacerbation of disease rate, reported Tuesday the press and information service of the Defense Ministry.

Earlier this year, Russian Defense Minister Gen. Sergei Shoigu ordered to analyze why recruits over the past two months were more likely to get sick with respiratory diseases, and to develop measures to prevent them.

In addition, military doctors provide methodological and practical assistance to the command of units on preservation of the servicemen’ health and prevention of infectious diseases.

Russian Ministry of Defense to deploy Motorized Infantry Brigade near Smolensk in 2015

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The Russian Defense Ministry will deploy a separate motorized rifle brigade of the Western Military District in the city of Yelnya in Smolensk region in 2015, told reporters on Sunday governor of the region Alexei Ostrovsky.

“All region dwellers appealed to the Ministry of Defense of Russia with a request to return military units of the armed forces to the Smolensk region. We are grateful to the Minister of Defense for the decision to deploy a separate motorized rifle brigade of the Western Military District in 2015 in Elnya. This is a joint decision of senior management of the country, the Defense Ministry and Smolensk region, “- said Ostrovsky.

Russian Defense Ministry: 70% of missile troops and artillery consist of contractors

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Missile troops and artillery are 70% completed with contract servicemen, told chief of the Missile Forces, Major General Michail Matveevsky.

This July, the Missile Forces and artillery joined the Russian Defense Ministry in a large-scale campaign to recruit contractors by means of mobile recruiting units “in one place at one time”.

On May 17 the MoD started a large-scale campaign for the selection of contractors, during which candidates will go through all the steps of recruiting quickly and in one place. The action started in the locations of military units and formations of the Airborne Forces – the central squares of Ivanovo, Novorossiysk, Pskov and Tula.

Shoigu: training base of military higher educational institutions must meet all requirements

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Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu ordered to adjust the training facilities of military schools in the Russian Federation in accordance with modern requirements.

According to him, at present the system parameters correspond to the needs of the military education training.

“However, the training facilities of the universities do not fully meet modern requirements,” – said Shoigu at the board meeting.

According to the minister, the work in this area is already underway.

The plan also involves the comprehensive reconstruction of the Combined Arms Academy of the Armed Forces. By 2020, the university will have a helipad, hospitals, dormitories, laboratory training and fitness facilities will be reconstructed, as well as towns for firing drills and sports complexes. In addition, the Noginsk training center will have a combat vehicle fleet for practical training and a modern engineered landfill.

More than 800 people attended Krasnoyarsk mobile contract service selection point

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The mobile point of selection for contract military service, located in Krasnoyarsk under the information-propaganda campaign “Contract service in the armed forces is Your Choice”, attracts great attention on the part of the citizens.

“More than 800 people visited the mobile selection point, 325 of whom have expressed a desire to participate in all its activities related to the selection. More than 100 of them have applied for admission to military service under contract,” – Russian Air Force Commander Gen. Viktor Bondarev was reported at the point.

Before that, Russian Air Force Commander urged the young and educated Siberians to sign contracts for contract service with the Defense Ministry and join the Air Force.

According to the Defense Ministry, currently in Russia there are 76 selection points of citizens for military service under the contract. In total 276 thousand soldiers are serving in the Army and Navy under the contract. It is planned that by 2017 their number will amount to nearly 500 thousand people.

Detachment of Russian ships entered military service in southern Pacific regions


A detachment of the Pacific Fleet ships consisting of the Guards missile cruiser “Varyag”, the large anti-submarine ship “Marshal Shaposhnikov”, the tanker “Boris Butoma” and the rescue vessel “Photiy Krylov” went today on combat duty in the southern regions of the Pacific Ocean, Pacific Fleet spokesman Captain 1st rank Roman Martov reported.

“The objectives of this campaign are to ensure naval presence and demonstration of a flag in the region, – he explained. – Also an unofficial visit to the port of Incheon (Korea) is scheduled and it is planned to participate in the events dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the cruiser” Varyag “and gunboat “Koreets” heroic deed.

Russia began building new generation radio complex

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Russia began building a new generation radio complex that has no analogues in the world, told Chief of the Russian Communication Forces Major General Khalil Arslanov.

He said that in the near future all servicemen will be provided with portable radio systems to communicate with their military units.

The new generation radio complex is implemented on the basis of software defined radio (SDR) and provides automated communication secured from reconnaissance and jamming at the tactical control level. The radio complex by its characteristics is not inferior to foreign analogues, and according to such indicators as the radio communication range, exploration and noise immunity, weight and size is superior to them.

Russia plans to reconstruct military base in Kyrgyzstan

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The state contract for the reconstruction of the Russian air base “Kant” in Kyrgyzstan will be concluded before the end of the year, said on Wednesday Russian Air Force Commander, Colonel-General Viktor Bondarev.

According to him, “Kant” has already been subject to some reconstruction. In addition, the plan for the reconstruction of the air base “Erebuni” in Armenia has already been approved.

As it was reported, “Kant” runway had to be reconstructed as early as in 2013; it was assumed that as a result the airport would be able to accept Russian strategic aircraft. Nevertheless, as it was stated last April in the Armed Forces of Kyrgyzstan, works at the time had not been conducted.