Regular meeting of Russian Ministry of Defense Board to be held in Moscow

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In Moscow, a regular meeting of the Russian Ministry of Defense Board will be held under leadership of Russian Defense Minister, Army General Sergei Shoigu on November 12.

According to the Defense Ministry press and information service, the agenda includes consideration of Russian Defense Ministry measures to strengthen the security of the Russian Federation on the territory of the Crimean federal district.

Participants in the Board will discuss the progress of the implementation of the Russian Defense Ministry Action Plan until 2020, the state of long-range aviation aircraft equipment and measures to improve its serviceability.

Also during the Board there will be discussed the results of work of the Russian Defense Ministry Main Control and Supervisory Department in 2014 and set the main tasks for 2015.


Russian servicemen to inspect British Armed Forces Brigade

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On November 6 a group of Russian military inspectors will visit and estimate the 1st Mechanized Brigade of the British Armed Forces stationed in Tidworth, said head of the Defense Ministry on the control over the implementation of agreements Sergey Ryzhkov.

The inspection will be held under the Vienna Document signed in 2011.

“The inspectors will visit the brigade’s headquarters in the place of its usual peacetime deployment site. The command of the compound will also provide information concerning the personnel of the brigade and major weapons systems and military technology at the briefing,” – said Ryzhkov.

He explained that “such evaluation visits are conducted in order to verify information on military forces and plans for the deployment of major weapon systems and military equipment.”

Specialists of “Uralvagonzavod” to perform warranty repair of Southern Military District military equipment


Specialists from Nizhny Tagil JSC “Scientific and Production Corporation “Uralvagonzavod” arrived in the Motorized Infantry Brigade of the Southern Military District, stationed in Volgograd, to perform warranty service of military equipment.

As the press service of the Southern Military District reported, in November, the company’s employees will hold warranty service of the T-90A tanks and armoured recovery vehicles. In the course of preventive measures the specialists, if necessary, will replace the expired units and components.

In total, about 1,000 units of various military equipment of the unit will be transferred to the autumn-winter mode of operation, and it is planned to use more than 11 tons of engine and transmission oils, about 2 tons of greases and more than 30 tons of low-freezing fluids.

Weapons to receive passport

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Tuesday there became known some details of this year’s equipment of the Russian army with new weapons. They were supplied to the troops under the 2014 state defense procurement. Despite financial problems, its volume compared with the previous year increased by almost a third. But the main thing is that the armed forces, together with the industry have begun to implement the idea of ​​a so-called full life cycle of the military arsenal. To put it simply, the defense companies have headed for maintenance of their products from the time of their design and construction to supplying to the servicemen and disposal.

According to a similar scheme, in 2014 there have been implemented several pilot projects. In particular, the Su-34, Ka-226, promising missile systems, and new destroyers are meant.

Besides, now the supplies of the advanced multifunctional Su-35 fighters are continued. The servicemen conducted their additional tests and once again convinced of their high quality.

International Conference on Terrorism to be held in Minsk

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A major international conference on the fight against terrorism will be held in Minsk this week, reports the press service of the Belarusian KGB.

“On October 30-31, the Committee of State Security on the basis of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus holds an international scientific-practical conference on the topic “Partnership of State, public sector and business community in the fight against terrorism – security through dialogue, consensus, cooperation,” – a statement said.

This forum will be attended by representatives of the Secretariat of the CSTO, CIS antiterrorist center, OSCE, government agencies and other organizations of Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, China, Indonesia, Nigeria, Belgium, France and several other countries, as well as foreign diplomatic missions.

Russian National Defense Control Center to take up combat duty on December 1

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The Russian National Defense Control Center will officially take up combat duty since December 1, head of the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Federation Andrey Kartapolov said.

He reminded that the actual combat duty in the Russian National Defense Control Center had started in April.

The center will officially start working on December 1. On this day the Minister of Defense will make a report to the Supreme Commander “on the implementation of the tasks set for him – the creation of the Russian National Defense Control Center”, said the General Staff representative.

Large Landing Ship “Alexander Shabalin” to replace “Kaliningrad” in the Mediterranean Sea

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Large landing ship of the Baltic Fleet “Alexander Shabalin” came from Baltiysk and headed for the Mediterranean Sea, chief of the department for information support of the Baltic Fleet press service Captain 2nd Rank Vladimir Matveev.

He noted that “Alexander Shabalin” will move across the North Sea, the English Channel and the Strait of Gibraltar. On board the ship there is an anti-terror group from the Baltic Fleet Marines unit. During the campaign the crew will work out a set of combat training tasks, including air and antisubmarine defense exercises, naval training, as well as artillery firings.

Russia’s Defense Ministry gives green light to construction of promising destroyer “Lider”

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Leadership of the Russian defense ministry has signed the terms of reference for the development of the promising destroyer “Lider”.

The destroyer will be designed in two versions – with a nuclear and a gas turbine power plant.

The Northern Design Bureau was entrusted with the preparation of the technical project, works are scheduled to start in 2015.

According to a source, “there is no doubt” that as a weapon the destroyer will receive high-precision long-range cruise missiles of the “Calibr” type and supersonic “Onyx” (“Yasen” multi-purpose nuclear submarines are equipped with them as well), or their modifications. “And the basis of his defense will be the newest S-500 anti-aircraft missile system with ammunition for various purposes, including the ability to destroy the weapons deployed in space,” – said the source.

“It is expected that six of these ships will be built for the Northern Fleet, and six of them – for the Pacific,” – said the source.

“Ilyushin” to build 200 Il-112 aircraft for Russian Defense Ministry

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Contracts for the development and production of light military transport aircraft Il-112 are planned to be signed with the Russian Defense Ministry in the near future, reports “Interfax” referring to the General Director of JSC ” Ilyushin  Aviation Complex” Sergei Sergeev.

The aircraft will be produced at the “Voronezh Aircraft Company” plant (VASO). Funding of pre-production will begin in 2015.

“The IL-112 is replacing the AN-26, which is still quite popular among the Russian operators. By the end of the current decade, the first Il-112 of the VASO production will be delivered to the Defense Ministry. We are planning to test the first prototype in two or three years”- said Sergeev.

Russian Defense Ministry received another batch of Su-34 bombers

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“Sukhoi” handed over another batch of the Sukhoi Su-34 aircraft to the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, said on Wednesday the company’s press service.

State contracts for the supply of large Su-34 batches for the Russian Defense Ministry were concluded in 2008 and 2012. This are major contracts for the supply of combat aircraft, provided by the state armaments program for 2011-2020.

The Su-34 is a Russian fighter-bomber of the “4 +” generation created on the basis of the Su-27. It is aimed at precision strikes, including by means of nuclear weapons at land and sea targets at any time of the day.