Source: Russian Armed Forces planning five space launches from December to February

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From December 2014 to February 2015 the Armed Forces of Russia are planning to launch five carrier rockets with satellites from the Plesetsk cosmodrome in the Arkhangelsk region and from Dombarovsky area in the Orenburg region, a source in the space industry said.

One of the launches scheduled for December has been successfully carried out by the Aerospace Defense troops from Plesetsk on December 1 – it was a carrier rocket of the middle class “Soyuz-2.1b” with the new generation “Glonass-K” Russian navigation satellite.

“It is planned to perform two launches from the Plesetsk cosmodrome – until the end of the current year – on December 24 and 25. It will be the “Soyuz-2.1b” rocket with a military spacecraft and the first test launch of a heavy version of the “Angara-A5″ rocket with a cargo model,” – said the agency.


Russian Armed Forces are planned to be fully provided with satellite navigation by 2020

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The Russian Armed Forces will be 100% equipped with satellite navigation by 2020, told head of the Military Topographic Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Federation Sergey Kozlov.

At the time, the armed forces are provided with satellite navigation equipment by 85%, while in 2012 the figure was 50%.

He noted that the navigation equipment is not meant for every soldier now, but he expressed confidence that “this is the matter of the very near future”.

Kozlov also said that at the present time a promising system to equip the Armed Forces with geospatial information is being formed in Russia.

More than 40 thousand sets of satellite navigation equipment have already been delivered to the troops in 2014.

Tsniitochmash: “Ratnik” to be supplied to Armed Forces at year’s end

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The “Ratnik” equipment has passed all state tests and starting from the end of this year will be supplied to the Russian Armed Forces, said General Director of the Central Research Institute of Precision Engineering (Tsniitochmash) Dmitry Semizorov.

“I am pleased to say that the “Ratnik” has completed all state tests. Since the end of 2014 and within the next three years, the equipment will be supplied to the Armed Forces,” – he said.

“Ratnik” is the Russian military equipment for the “soldier of the future”, which combines modern firearms, effective protection kits, reconnaissance and communication means, in total about 10 different subsystems.

CMD commanders to “fight” against each other during teachings

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Commanders of the Central Military District units will now take part in exercises “fighting against each other,” as well as will test the new “Iskanders”, CMD Assistant Commander Colonel Jaroslav Roschupkin told reporters on Monday.

On December 1, the winter training starts in the Russian Armed Forces.

“In the new academic year, the district commanders refused from unilateral exercises at all levels in favor of bilateral ones – the unit commanders will perform combat training missions, working against each other, competing in their skills,” – Roschupkin quoted district commander Colonel-General Vladimir Zarudnitsky.

Roschupkin noted that in the new academic year there will be checked the possibility of using the “Iskander-M” operational-tactical missile systems which have recently entered into service.

Tank units of Chechnya rearmed with upgraded T-72B3


All tank units of the Southern Military District motorized infantry compounds stationed in Chechnya, have been fully rearmed with the T-72B3 modernized tanks under the state procurement, the press service of the district reported.

On Thursday 29 units of T-72B3 tanks arrived in one of the mechanized infantry units in Chechnya.

On December 1, with the advent of the new academic year, tank crews on new tanks will start to prepare for firings.

The upgraded T-72B3 is equipped with the “Sosna-U” modern fire control system.

Kolpachenko: imbalance of Black Sea Fleet marine troops armament to be eliminated

Празднование 230-летия Черноморского Флота России

Imbalance in the armament of the Russian Black Sea Fleet Marines will soon be eliminated due to the need to ensure stability in the southern areas, said head of the Russian Navy coastal forces Major-General Alexander Kolpachenko.

He noted that the re-armament of the Marine Corps units and connections with modern models of equipment and weapon systems is gradually increasing. The Russian Black Sea Fleet receives upgraded missile and artillery armament (the 122 SG 2S1M1self-propelled howitzer) and “KamAZ” and “Ural” vehicles.

“I can say that the vehicle park has already been renewed by 70-90%. The Marines receive modern samples of small arms, means of combat equipment, including “Corsar-MP” floating body armor having no analogues in the world. This work will continue,” – Kolpachenko added.

Central Military District Missile brigade rearmed for latest operational and tactical missile complexes “Iskander-M”

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The “Iskander-M” Tactical Ballistic Missile System was handed over to the CMD missile brigade, stationed in the Orenburg region, under the leadership of CMD Commander Colonel General Vladimir Zarudnitsky at Kapustin Yar range in the Astrakhan region.

According to the press service of the Central Military District, the ceremony took place on the eve of the Day of missile troops and artillery. After giving vehicles to the crews the site hosted live firings and then the brigade marched to the point of permanent deployment.

The infrastructure to receive new missile systems was specially created for receiving new complexes. The brigade consists exclusively of military personnel serving under the contract, retrained for using new missile systems.

Altai Aerospace Defense Forces to receive first space observation complexes

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A network of complexes detecting space objects will be deployed in Russia within the next four years, the first of which will appear in the Altai and Primorye, spokesman for Aerospace Defense Forces, Colonel Alexei Zolotukhin said.

Previously it was reported that before 2018 it is planned to deploy more than 10 new generation complexes of space control in a number of Russian regions.

He explained that their commissioning will significantly enhance the capabilities of Aerospace Defense troops in controlling the outer space, will help to extend the range of controlled orbits and decrease the minimum detectable size of space objects in 2-3 times.

Krasnodar region air regiment received 16 Su-25SM3 attack planes since year’s beginning

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The Attack Aviation Regiment of the 1st Guards Mixed Air Division of the Southern Military District in Krasnodar region has received 16 Su-25SM3 aircraft under the state procurement since the beginning of the year, says the press service of the Southern Military District (SMD).

“The Su-25SM3 attack plane replaced the Su-25. The new aircraft is equipped with modern aeronautical equipment that positively affected the effectiveness of the implementation of various tasks and usability of the combat vehicle,” – the district repoted.

Due to the modernization, the attack aircraft can hit targets in any weather and visibility conditions. “Previously, for example, the launch of missiles and bombs was performed only in the direct line of sight, and in mountainous areas it was necessary to decrease to extremely low altitudes.

KBM handed over “Iskander” missile complex to Russian Defense Ministry

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Another set of the “Iskander” tactical missile complex equipment will be handed over to the Defense Ministry on November 18, the press service of the Kolomna KBM said.

The press service explained that this “will be the troops’ fourth set put into service over the last two years under the contract between the Ministry of Defense and the KBM”. The kit will be handed over to the 92th separate missile brigade of the 2nd Guards Combined Army of the Central Military District deployed in the Orenburg region, and the total number of brigades of the Russian army, equipped with the new missile system will reach five.