“Peter the Great” nuclear missile cruiser set off for exercises

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The “Peter the Great” heavy nuclear missile cruiser of the Northern Fleet went to sea for exercises to search and destroy submarines, the press service of the Western Military District for the Northern Fleet reported on Monday.

The exercises will be held in neutral waters at one of the polygons of the far sea zone on the border between the Norwegian and Greenland Seas.

As Chief of Staff of the Northern Fleet Vice Admiral Nikolay Evmenov is quoted as saying, “the feature of this exercise will be the district where it will be held – a remote place with difficult hydrological conditions different from the areas in which we hold these exercises on a regular basis.”

This combat training will be held in a “duel” mode when the missile cruiser will be simultaneously opposed by several Northern Fleet submarines of different classes. Upon completion of the teachings the “Peter the Great” heavy nuclear missile cruiser will perform complex combat training with torpedo firing and deep bombing.


Russian Naval Aviation pilots start trainings on MiG-29K/KUB carrier-based fighters

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The Russian Naval Aviation received 10 multifunctional MiG-29K/KUB ship fighters. In the near future pilots will start trainings.

As the Press and Information Service of the Russian Ministry of Defense reported, the pilot training program will be implemented at the Center of combat employment and retraining of pilots of Russian Naval Aviation in Yeisk.

During the retraining, the naval aviation pilots will work out a complex of necessary flights with instructor pilots in the MiG-29KUB combat training aircraft to be admitted to independent day and night flights in the MiG-29Ks.

Commander flights start in WMD air force

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Within the next two weeks, more than 150 aircraft and helicopter flights will be performed by the command of the air divisions, brigades and regiments of the Western military district, reported the Defense Ministry press service.

“The crews will perform more than 10 flight shifts, spending about 250 hours in the air. They will work out the most complex elements of flight training: flights under meteorological minimum, flights at extremely low altitudes, above the water surface and in the stratosphere, as well as the instrument landing,”- the Ministry of Defense said.

The main feature of the upcoming flights will be participation of modern types of aircraft – the Su-34, MiG-31BM, Mi-28N “Night Hunter” in the crew group, as well as of aircraft undergoing military tests – the Ka-52 “Alligator” and Mi -35 attack helicopters.

CMD commanders to “fight” against each other during teachings

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Commanders of the Central Military District units will now take part in exercises “fighting against each other,” as well as will test the new “Iskanders”, CMD Assistant Commander Colonel Jaroslav Roschupkin told reporters on Monday.

On December 1, the winter training starts in the Russian Armed Forces.

“In the new academic year, the district commanders refused from unilateral exercises at all levels in favor of bilateral ones – the unit commanders will perform combat training missions, working against each other, competing in their skills,” – Roschupkin quoted district commander Colonel-General Vladimir Zarudnitsky.

Roschupkin noted that in the new academic year there will be checked the possibility of using the “Iskander-M” operational-tactical missile systems which have recently entered into service.

In 2015 academic year paratroopers plan to triple number of jumps with delayed opening of main canopy over 10 seconds

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Special and intelligence units of the Airborne Forces plan to increase the number of jumps with delayed opening of the main canopy over 10 seconds in 2015 more than in 3 times. Paratroopers are going to make more than 10 thousand such jumps next year. In addition, about 200 paratroopers learnt to make these jumps after receiving the equipment.

In 2015, during the exercises at various levels it is planned to carry out airdrops of more than 100 units of weapons and equipment from the aircraft of military transport aviation.

A significant increase in parachute jumps and airdrops of equipment and weapons of the Airborne units is due to the increased intensity of combat training of paratroopers and a larger number of exercises held at various levels with the landing of troops and equipment.

“Zarya” War game to be completed with “Battle of the Dnieper” near Moscow

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The final stage of this year’s large-scale military and tactical play “Zarya”, entitled “Nakrytiye” will take place on the territory of the Moscow region at the “Alabino” polygon of the Taman Motorized Rifle Division. Participants in the event will be about 1000 airsoft players, who will fight in conditions close combat. Real army equipment will emphasize the seriousness of what is happening: the MT-LB, armored personnel carriers, BMP-3, tanks and Mi-8 helicopter.

During the game, participants will be able to feel interaction of infantry and armored vehicles, the burden of military service and difficult military work, they will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the Russian Army. “Each of the players will be able to independently take part in the “battle” in different parts of the landfill, to feel a fighter-saboteur, a motorized infantryman or a marine”, – explained the organizing committee.