“Pantsir” to Strengthen Aerospace Defense of Russian Federation


At least five air defense missile regiments, more than 20 battalions of the latest anti-aircraft missile and gun systems “Pantsir-S” will be formed in the Armed Forces until 2020.

This was stated by Air Force Commander Colonel-General Viktor Bondarev. Commander in chief recalled that in 2020 anti-aircraft missile troops of Russia will be rearmed to promising military equipment by 70%, the TASS informs.

Anti-aircraft missile and gun system (ZRPK) “Pantsir-S1” (NATO classification SA-22 Greyhound) – the Russian self-propelled anti-aircraft missile and gun system of ground basing. It is designed for short-range covering of civil and military installations against all current and future air threats. It can protect a defended object from ground and surface threats. The complex was established in 1994 and has since significantly upgraded.


Russia Puts into Service Unique Anti-Ship Missiles


Supersonic, super-maneuverable, “deaf” to the radar interference – such will be the new Russian cruise missiles, which stand for service of military units of the Russian army in 2015. This was told by the director general of the corporation “Tactical Missiles” Boris Obnosov. This corporation unites all Russian developers of tactical and operational-tactical missiles, and in the last two or three years, put into service “about a dozen new products,” including long-range missiles.

The main novelty of the Russian defense industry is a cruise missile X-35UE. Externally, the rocket is very similar to the American ASM “Harpoon”. Designers do not hide it. Although they say that there is a difference. It is hidden in a unique homing device that is immune to radar interference. It operates in two modes: active when the rocket for a split second launches its homing device to search for targets, and passive, when the target detection machine does not scan the space and catches pulses emitted by the target.

“Bal” is a system of 2 command vehicles and four launchers. In terms of its features, the complex covers up to 350 km.

New Ships of Pacific Fleet to Be Used in Arctic


The ships coming into the auxiliary forces of the Kamchatka group of Pacific Fleet will be actively used for operations in the Arctic region.

This was reported to Interfax-AVN on Thursday, by the head of the department of information support of the Pacific Fleet Captain 1st Rank Roman Martov.

“In the second week of December the Pacific Fleet will include two special vessels. The flag of St. Andrew will be run over raid tugs “RB-406″ and “RB-407″ of auxiliary forces of the Kamchatka group,” R.Martov said.

According to him, only in 2014, the Pacific Fleet received 12 new ships of various classes. At the beginning of the year it was received the first batch of six multipurpose tug boats for auxiliary fleet.

Russian Defense Ministry to Receive Initial Batch of Engines for Tu-160


Russian Defense Ministry will receive the initial batch of engines NK-32 to re-engine strategic bomber Tu-160 at the end of 2016. This was announced by the CEO of United Engine Corporation Vyacheslav Masalov.

“Initial batch of aircraft engines NK-32 from second stage of state tests, consisting of four units will be transferred to the Ministry of Defence at the end of 2016,” Masalov said.

He stressed that in these engines it will be used exclusively Russian components and assemblies.

“Topol” to Remain in Russian Army


Missile complexes “Topol” in the near future will not be removed from the Russian Army, the chief of staff – first deputy commander of the Strategic Missile Forces, Lieutenant General Ivan Reva told reporters on Wednesday.

On the eve, one of these missiles was transferred to the town of missilemen Odintsovo as a museum exhibit, and journalists wondered – if the Strategic Missile Forces are going to abandon “Topol”.

“Each sample of weapons has certain resource. This copy will be on duty,” Reva said.

RT-2PM “Topol” is a strategic mobile complex with a three-stage solid-propellant intercontinental ballistic missile RT-2PM, the first Soviet mobile complex with an intercontinental ballistic missile.

Strategic Exercises “Center-2015” to Unite Tens of Thousands of Soldiers


Strategic command and staff exercises “Center-2015” will take place in the summertime training period at multiple ranges within Russia and abroad.

They will be extended in time and unite under a single command tens of thousands of soldiers of the Central Military District. ITAR-TASS reported this, quoting the commander of the Central Military District Colonel-General Vladimir Zarudnitsky.

According to the commander of the Central Military District, a special role during the exercise will be assigned to the commanders of battalion tactical groups, who will act outside the box, using the whole arsenal of strengths and resources, often moving away from the traditional tactics, significantly reducing the time standards for decision-making.

Russia Began to Build Latest Radars in South Urals and Komi


The construction of the latest radars started in two regions of Russia – near Orenburg in the southern Urals and in the Komi Republic in the north of the Ural mountains, Commander of the Aerospace Defense Lt. Gen. Alexander Golovko told journalists on the Day of Armies of aerospace defense.

The troops of Aerospace Defense guarding the frontiers of Russia from the air and in space appeared recently in the country – the first duty shift interceded on alert on December 1, 2011. The troops of Aerospace Defense assumed command and control of forces and systems of missile warning, missile and air defense, space and launch control, and control of satellites.

“The construction of a new generation radar stations as meter and decimeter ranges has been deployed in the Orenburg region and the Komi Republic,” Golovko said.

Latest Weapons Presented in Kovrov


At the Dyagterev plant in Kovrov yesterday for the first time it was demonstrated the new assault rifle. Up to this point, even its appearance was a mystery and such weapon has not yet been made by the legendary company. In some of its features and characteristics, the rifle outperforms all analogues. Designers not only showed it, but also revealed technological features.

To create a rifle that shoots with minimal impact. This is the goal of the designers of the plant. Now this weapon passes the state tests. The new machine is designed to use two cartridges 5.45 and 7.62.

The new machine from Kovrov shoots the same ammunition as the AK-74 by Kalashnikov. According to its accuracy and sighting distance, especially when shooting bursts, it performs all standards that are applied by the Ministry of Defence to weapons of this class.

Baltic “Black Berets” to Experience and Learn New Techniques


On the eve of the Day of the Marine Corps, which is celebrated in Russia on November 27, the head of Baltic Fleet Coastal Troops – Deputy Commander of the Baltic Fleet for coastal troops, Hero of Russia, Major-General Andrey Goushchin told in an interview on the technical re-equipment of the BF Marine Corps.

“In the Baltic, Marine Corps are presented by a separate brigade, commanded by Colonel Vasily Kravtsov. In the past year, instead of outdated BTR-80, the troop received modern combat vehicles BTR-82A. Armored vehicle is equipped with modern weapons complex and is seaworthy.

Currently, the military troops are actively involved in the trial of new landing crafts of the project 21820. As part of the factory and state tests, the soldiers are effectuating load and landing on the BTR-82A. The first boat “Denis Davydov” recently became a member of the Navy, two similar landing crafts “Lieutenant Rimsky-Korsakov” and “Midshipman Lermontov”, with the Marines and equipment on board are tested at marine fleet ranges.

Kalashnikov to Present New Brand on December 2


Russia’s largest arms concern “Kalashnikov” presents on December 2 a new brand and development concept until 2020, a representative of the state corporation “Rostec” told RIA Novosti on Wednesday.

Earlier it was reported that the “Kalashnikov” will present a new brand in mid-November, but for some unknown reason, the date was moved.

“Concern “Kalashnikov” on Tuesday, December 2 will present a vision of development up to 2020 and a new brand for the product line,” a spokesman said.

According to him, the presentation will be held in the building of the Central Telegraph Office in Moscow with the participation of the head of “Rostec” Mr. Chemezov, general director of “Kalashnikov” Alexei Krivoruchko and representatives of law enforcement agencies.